The Comic Vault is still alive! We have teamed up with Comixology to offer all your digital comic needs. This will help the Comic Vault spread the gospel of comic books as far as the web will take us. The DC relaunch will be awesome and you have a chance to be part of it!

Why would you want to download comics from the Comic Vault? Well, the answer is easy! All funds collected from digital downloads will go towards the support of this website, weekly videos, supporting local artists, indie art shows, movie outings and other Comic Vault events.

The Comic Vault is the new PBS of the comic book industry. If you like what we do, buy a digital comic book. Thank you for your support.

The Comic Vault DC Comics Digital Store

The Comic Vault Digital Store

Other ways to support the Comic Vault
Shop at Amazon, buy anything on Amazon and you’re supporting the Comic Vault.
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