Margot Kidder, A Generation’s Lois Lane Passed Away At The Age of 69

Margot Kidder, the woman who defined what it meant to be Lois Lane to Christopher Reeve’s Superman, died Sunday in Montana.

According to the report by TMZ, Kidder was at her home when she passed away, according to the spokesperson at Franzen-Davis Funeral Home in Livingston, MT. The cause of death is unknown at this point.

Kidder had 137 acting credit to her name with two still in production. An outspoken woman who never backed down from anyone.

“Nudity in the flesh doesn’t bother me. But having my mind uncovered – that scares the hell out of me,” a personal quote of Kidder.

Reaction of Kidder’s passing on social media.

“RIP Margot Kidder. One of my favorite movies of hers is the original Black Christmas. It introduced some elements that are now genre tropes and she’s fantastic in it,” said Kumail Nanjiani via Twitter.

“#MargotKidder was equally responsible for making us believe a man could fly. RIP :(,” said Joey Esposito via Twitter.

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