Our Underwear #10 – The ONLY Fear Itself post you will ever need to read!

Splitlip gets analytical
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  1. John K (UK) says:

    I did not read FEAR ITSELF but I read your column. In a very real sense I won. Is that dialogue on your last page image from an interview from Fraction? Because it’s really very humble stuff indeed. Thanks to you.

    1. velousis says:

      John, you sure DID win. Beyond the obvious awesome first name, you’ve also won my thanks for pointing out my dumb-assed mistake in neglecting to say what I had done. I have now clarified that. As far as it goes, though, I daresay that Mr. Fraction is every bit as humble as you have assumed (again, due to MY error.) If you’re not currently reading his Casanova, you REALLY should be. As it happens, in the newest issue (#2 of the series’ third arc, entitled “Avaritia” – it has big pandas on cover), Mr. Fraction self-deprecates brutally. Actually, his most recent work has a LOT of self-loathing working its way in – the above page in unedited form has a bunch, the comic I just mentioned REALLY does, and his upcoming Defenders has The Hulk say this line: “[…] I was trapped with the one person I hate more than anyone else alive– –ME.” Self-loathing is not the same as humility, of course, but it’s close enough for rock and roll. But, hell, I don’t know the guy, I could be way off, misreading, deluded, etc.

      Oh, anyhow, thanks for writing!

  2. velousis says:

    There are now THREE comments in this section. Does THAT blow your mind?

  3. JohnK (UK) says:

    My apologies. I was being sarcastic when I used the word “humble”. It’s my fault for not communicating properly. I know they say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but I say wit is the highest form of intelligence so I sort of break even. I’m still quite ugly though.

    I am reading CASANOVA but I find it is despite the writing. It’s all a bit too whiny and self-obsessed for me; too full of ickle references to make sure we all know how cool we are and thus by extension how much cooler the author is. Say, would you like to hear me tell you how Life often isn’t all I hoped it could be? How about if I charged you 5 bucks? No. But if Moon and Ba illustrated it and I chucked in MODOK in a wig and Not-Jerry Cornelius? Yes. It also seems to be about how hard it is to write good comics despite the self perceived savage magnificence of the author’s talents. MIGHTY THOR has already demonstrated that to my satisfaction, thanks.

    I guess I just have a low tolerance for people (not just MF, for they are Legion today)who seem to mistake themselves for Percy Bysshe Shelley when what they are are people who have written a few decent comics (which is fine enough for me but not for them it seems).That’s me though; a real asshole.

    I think your column is lovely and you seem to be an enthusiastic and witty sentient being so please don’t tell anyone I said nasty things about CASANOVA. That’s verboten, sugar pipes!

  4. velousis says:

    Yeah, getting misunderstood happens to me a lot too, although when I do it it’s not sarcasm, it’s irony, because I have transcended sarcasm.

    I DO think you might be excessively unkind in the feelings and motivations you attribute to Mr. Fraction. Generally speaking, I try to reserve my harshest vitriol for the Michael Bays and Roland Emmeriches of the world, those that are unjustly hugely wealthy despite never having made ANYTHING of even remote artistic value. I also bring some of this perspective from having written many, many bad songs among my not-as-many good ones, and knowing that Comic book writers haven’t the luxury of enough time to discard their failures.

    I dunno, maybe I’m too forgiving, from having heard too much Christianity or something. Hell of a philosophy, if anybody followed it.

    For all that, thank you very much for enjoying my best efforts, and keeping quiet about you putting the NO in Casanova is literally the least I could do. Cheers!

    PS If anybody NOT named John has an opinion, you can just fuck off. I’ll mark you as spam so fast it’ll make your head spin!

    PPS That’s the kind of thing people often don’t realize I’m joking about. Come on, who would be THAT crazy?

  5. velousis says:

    Anybody know what’s up with this pingback shit? Well, I’m just grateful for the attention from comics fans as dedicated as the Supercuts corporation. Thanks for reading! Snip snip! (That’s haircutting humor, in case you’re a comics fan who DOESN’T get haircuts.) Oh, wow, I just realized – it’s SUPERcuts – not just mundane cuts, but ones with superpowers! WHOAH.

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