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Our Underwear #17: Jeers and Loafing in McCormick Place Part I: The Pleasure and Pain of Richard Starkings

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  1. velousis says:

    Ah, the joys of being the first commenter on my own articles. I wanted to add, as an addendum, that Elephantmen #42 has main artist Axel Medellin’s work supported by none other than DAVE MOTHERFUCKING SIM! Fucking radical! Maybe I’ll interview Sim someday, if my monolithic Jeff Parker interview doesn’t consume the rest of my life. For now, though, I’ll have to be content with knowing that I am the answer to the [most-trivial-ever] trivia question, “Who was the writer of the only letter published in ‘Glamourpuss’ #4?” ‘Strewth!

    Also, looks like issue 43 will feature art by Brandon Graham. Props to the Pinto Beans Man.

  2. velousis says:

    Also also, the character The Silencer hangs dong.

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