Our Underwear #5 – Money is a false god that I will stab a hundred times in the face.

His balls! Zap his balls!
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  1. velousis says:

    Hot dang! Thank you very much. Personally, I think I may be too digressive, but that’s a totally easy lesson to teach: “When MS Word underlines your sentence in green, turn it into two sentences.”

    1. velousis says:

      Okay, the above reply which I wrote WAS, in fact, replying to something at the time I wrote it. Now, I had my suspicions that the person who made the comment (that I’m allegedly replying to there) was actually a bot or perhaps a citizen of Botswana just trying to steal my internetness or something. My point is, I am NOT crazy – in fact, I’m HYPERSANE in a way that the Merely-Sane cannot understand. Thank you.

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