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  1. E.C says:

    “the art here is phenomenal.”…Are you blind?LOL…this looks ok for a REALLY good high school student…actually, I take that back, I remember a few guys back in High School that would blow this “art” away. I’m so disappointed, JRjr was, at one time, much more competent.Now, the faces and hands are so out of proportion, the poses and bodies in general seem stiff and very amateur….and whats with all the lines on everyones face…oh ya, and last time I checked, Captain America had a chin, just sayin’

    1. Matthew Sardo says:


    2. Roger Riddell says:

      While I prefer the 80s JRJr, his more recent style has grown on me. I HATED his more recent art the first time I saw it in the Amazing Spider-Man “New Ways to Die” story, though. Honestly, this is a review. It’s subjective. Personally, I thought the facial expressions and body language sold the story a little more. I could care less for proportion as long as it’s not over-exaggerated to the point of being Liefeldian. As far as the “high school” remarks, I’ve seen high school kids that blow golden age Ditko away, too, but that doesn’t make his art suck.

  2. Steve Luecke says:

    Say what you will, but I’ve been sold on JRJR since his Wolverine run with Millar, and I’m really glad they put him on this cause he did a great job!

  3. Michael says:

    The artwork is mediocre at best. To say that the artwork is phenomenal insults everyone that has purchased the book. This is supposed to the Marvels epic story for 2012. In comparison to the artwork we see in dozens of books each month, the artwork in this book is amateurish, lackluster and does little to excite the reader. You lost all credibility when you gave the art of JRJ 9.5/10.

    1. Matthew Sardo says:

      I agree with you. I’m not a fan of JRJR but it appears that many are. I will not name name but friends of mine that draw for Marvel and DC really like his work. Also, I have been too many convention from C2E2 to SDCC and JRJR always get a huge applause when mentioned. I don’t get it. I remember picking up Punisher: War Zone in the early 90’s and was confused at his style. Oh well, their is always another big crossover next year.

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