Matthew Sardo created Comic Vault: News & Opinion in August of 2011. He wanted to continue the tradition of community that he built-up with the brick and mortar Comic Vault and transfer it to the digital-age of the comic book industry. In a few short months we have grown our staff (family) and our web presences. Our focus is clear, create a bond between creators and their fans. If you’re a creator, we want to know what you’re working and how we can help you promote it. If you’re a fan, we want to know what you like and help you discover new talent.

Mission Statement:

To turn our website into a virtual “ARTIST ALLEY” and help fans connect with creators; established, undiscovered and everywhere in between.

Current openings:

Writer – Do you want to write for the Comic Vault? We would love for you to join our staff! We’re looking for people who want to talk about comics, films and games. You can write as much or as little as you want. All we ask is that you write a minimum of one post a month, with a minimum post length around 200-300 words. The next step would be to write a blurb about yourself and submit it to and we will get back to you asap. Can’t wait to meet you.
IT – If you can make our website better, we would love to talk to you.
Graphic Designer – Again, if you have a great idea we would love to see it.
Video Blogger – Do you have a web series? We would love to help you promote it.
Photographer – If you take pictures at conventions, we want to show off your work!

Send us an email or tweet if you have interest.


Matthew Sardo – Editor / writer

A 20-something trapped in the body of a 30-something describes me perfectly. I have taken ownership of my dorkdom and launched it to a whole new level with my love of comic books, movies, hockey, scotch, mashed potatoes and Chicago. You can catch me playing hockey at North Avenue Beach during the summer, looking for the best tacos at 3 a.m., saving my pennies for Comic Con and sneaking my way into the good seats at Soldier Field.

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Roger Riddell III writer

Essentially Peter Parker with all the charm of Wolverine, I’m an aspiring pop culture journalist and lifelong Marvel Comics nut. My love of comics has paid off on a few occasions — allowing me the opportunity to cover the Top Cow and Avatar Press panels at C2E2 for Comic Book Resources, and to later interview several creators like Humberto Ramos, Paul Jenkins, Michael Golden, Patrick Gleason and Brian Azzarello for Wizard World Digital. You’ll most likely find me drinking whiskey and eating tacos at Big Star, downing burgers at Kuma’s, hanging out at a local metal show or hiding out in my apartment reading Wednesday’s comics or playing PS3.

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Ryan Duelfer – writer

This coming of age tale begins with a boy and his pack of sly ferrets; braving one of our countries’ most culturally rich and thus made beautiful city, Chicago! My role models consist of comic book heroes such as Scott Summers, leader of the feared and hated group known as the X-Men; cross that with Arthur Pendragon from the film “Excalibur”, and you can only imagine that my hopes lay high in the sky, awaiting the inevitable coming of Galactus or the sweet terror of a zombie apocalypse. I’m one to engross myself in Tolkien’s beautifully crafted mythology, than spend a night by the television watching our own tear each other apart across this vast biosphere we found ourselves secluded on. Love thy neighbor, live long and prosper and don’t forget to shut off the lights on your way out.

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Mike DeVivo – writer

Hello Comic Vaulter’s! Lets start with my Origin story shall we. I Was born and raised with a Love of comics by my father and carried that into a future of pop culture obsession. I will cover every thing from video games and movies to comic book reviews and any other nerdy ramblings I see fit . My hope is to build constant discussion on all of these topics and to create loyal fans and new nerds in the process.

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John Velousis – writer

Mr. Velousis spent nearly two decades as a gigging musician in Chicago’s metropolitan area. He performed least un-notably as the guitarist and singer for the punk rock band “Vic Tayback and the Violent Payback” (’90s version) and then for the hard rock band “The Huge Pontoons,” who were kind of the anti-Pixies insofar as they were all over six feet tall. John is proud to say that his flirtation with irrelevancy has blossomed into full-blown intercourse as well as a child named Giving Up On That Shit.

John also futzed about the periphery of show business as a manager of video stores for about a dozen years, all told. His knowledge of film and pornography alike are disturbingly impressive.

A lifelong devotee of the comic book form, John mostly took the 1990s off, particularly the mainstream, since he felt that the art was uglier than vomit out of a demon with five mouths, all of which were poo-holes. When he finally rediscovered the mainstream in 2007 or so, he had a lot of amazing work to catch up with. Now, he’s broke. He’s just fine with taking your pity.
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Nicholas Sandilandswriter

By day a mild-mannered Restaurant Manager, by night a comic book reading, soccer loving, snapback wearing, WWE watching, marathon running, beer drinking, vegetarian dude. My love of comics goes back to the 90’s when there was nothing but #1’s and polybagged comics. (Sound familiar?) Play your cards right and you can see me complete superhero heroics running on the lakefront path or doing my best CM Punk impersonation while watching some soccer at 6am at the pub.

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Jerry Nelsonwriter

Essentially I’m a loudmouth south-sider with a lifelong passion for comic books, horror movies, and various underground music scenes (punk, metal, drum n’ bass and dubstep). Australia was my home for a year back in ’04 as I brushed up on my video skills and learned to surf. I moved back home to Chicago and settled in Lincoln Square so I can shake my fist at North Center yuppies on the weekends, and tell their kids to get out of my way. The adventure continues downtown where l work as a mild-mannered motion designer for some big-shot ad agency, and spend too money on lunch. Craft beer and tiki drinks get me though the good times and the bad. Some day I will make it to Easter Island and have a drink with the monolithic Moai as they stare into the heavens. My sports allegiances lie strictly with the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, White Sox and Notre Dame. However I can’t really claim to take any of it that seriously, as my girlfriend is a Cubs fan, and if you buy me enough beers I’ll watch anything. Digging deeper you’ll find I’m one of those aspiring-creator types toiling away in my studio on my magnum opus. Something about teenage cannibal gangs on Mars with super powers. No really, that’s what it’s about. You can follow my exploits, trials and tribulations of writing and drawing my own comic on twitter @the_hellhounds. I’m also blogging about dubstep and various other electronica at

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James Wynnewriter

Remember when the Legion of Doom would capture the Super Friends and take over the world with their flying Hall of Doom, or when Skeletor would finally capture Castle Grayskull and tell the sorceress to go scratch? I am the kid who would happily turn off the television at that point and go outside to play. I have loved super villains, supervillainy and hidden skull-shaped fortresses all my life. I can still remember being 9 years old and watching Darth Vader step through a that spaceship door and thinking “I want to be this guy every Halloween for the rest of my life.”

Since I have been enthralled with Star Wars for some odd 30 years, no one was more disappointed in the prequels than I was, however I found a way to drown them out by reading every Star Wars novel (yes, even “The Courtship of Princess Leia”) that I can find – so far that’s about 235 books. I started in June of 2011 and I will be posting reviews of previous book series plus all the new ones I read as I finish them.

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Annette Marty – Video blogger / writer

Sup, Nerdlings! I am the Nerdy Netty and I do video game reviews on Youtube from Vancouver, Canada Eh! I have been playing video games since my father gave me his Intellivision and Celecovision. As the years went by my sister gave me her Nintendo and Gameboy. I started my epic collection of 16 game systems and 436 video games and counting. I truly have a passion for it and I used to get asked by all my friends what I thought of games. I finally decided to start my own channel so not only could I tell people what I thought, but make it funny and entertaining. I also have a fantastic addiction to chicken wings and cereal. I travel to the states just to get all kinds of cool cereals that I can’t get in Canada. I love hockey and of course I am a Canucks fan. That about sums me up and I hope you enjoy my reviews!

Follow Annette on twitter @nerdynetty, Facebook Fan Page, Youtube and her website The Nerdy Netty

Dan Royer – writer / podcast

Decapitated Dan Royer is a horror comic journalist living in Illinois. He has been covering horror comics since 2009. He hosts two podcasts; Discussions with Decapitated Dan and Tales From the Water Cooler. Dan is affiliated with numerous websites and it is on these sites that you can find all of his columns, reviews and podcasts.

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