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6-page preview: Manhattan Projects #5

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Monday night Image Comics released a six-page preview of Manhattan Projects #5 written by Jonathan Hickman with artwork by Nick Pitarra. Hickman’s mad scientist journey continues in your local comic book store on July 25th, 2012.

‘HORIZON’ A glimpse into the NEW FUTURE that the scientists of the Manhattan Projects have built on the foundation of their amazing break throughs. They’ve changed the world…is it for better or for worse? The thrilling FEEL GOOD, BAD SCIENCE series continues in THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS #5: HORIZON!

Punk Rock Jesus #1 Sean Murphy creates a book worthy of Vertigo’s Namesake

Punk Rock Jesus #1

Story and Art By Sean Murphy

Punk Rock Jesus is a book that’s extremely ambitious but never falters under the weight of any of its huge concepts. It blows away any expectations you may have and in place creates a fully realized world along with characters that are well-rounded and are fully realized already by the end of issue one.

Sean Murphy starts the issue off in the past explaining the story of one of the main characters and quickly then drops you into the center of a future that seems all too likely today. In our current society where Reality Television is still getting watched by millions of people and Snooki and The Kardashians are seen as celebrities Sean Murphy’s take on the future hits very close to home.

In this world scientist’s have managed to recreate Jesus Christ through the miracle of cloning. They try out tons of Virgin women to carry the child through the same process as American Idol and with their choice made start filming the pregnancy and eventual second coming of Jesus. I know that sounds like a crazy and ridiculous concept but in the hand of Sean Murphy it becomes a very complex and intelligent opportunity to tell a greater story. Murphy approaches his story from every possible angle. You will see the political and religious aspects played out as well as what happens when a corporation and TV Studio fund a project such as this.

Sean Murphy’s artwork had always been amazing. However his art here feel so fresh and unique. The pages are all in black and white and are printed on non glossy pulp paper. His layouts are extremely detailed and the city and world he’s created are believable because of his work. Characters all look unique and varied, and he experiments with several different styles and shading techniques throughout the book. Simply put its beautiful stuff.

Sean Murphy’s amazing artwork in Punk Rock Jesus #1


I went into Punk Rock Jesus with no expectations. I knew nothing about the story or script. After reading issue #1 I have to say I’m blown away with what I’ve read so far. The books full of nice twists and turns and already has a strong stable of characters that you care for and identify with. Vertigo was always considered a company that produced unique and amazing books. I think that’s something they put to the wayside over the last few years but with the arrival of this book I can safely say that’s the case again.  I strongly believe this has the makings to be a cult hit if not the next “Big Thing” for movie studios to bid over getting the rights to. Run out buy this book and happily read it and wait for the next issue. I know I sound completely in love with this book and it’s because I am but don’t blame me, blame Sean Murphy for setting the bar so damn high with this first issue that I had no choice but to fall in love with it.

Review Score: 10/10

Mike DeVivo

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Review: Walking Dead #100 – Holy shit Lucille!

Issue: Walking Dead #100
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Pencils: Charlie Adlard
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 7/11/2012

Mature Readers
‘SOMETHING TO FEAR’ CONTINUES! This extra-sized chapter contains one of the darkest moments in Rick Grimes’ life, and one of the most violent and brutal things to happen within the pages of this series. 100 issues later, this series remains just as relentless as the debut issue. Do not miss the monumental 100th issue of THE WALKING DEAD!

Story: 9/10 • Artwork: 9/10 • Overall 9/10
Curse words is all that is pouring out of my mouth after reading issue 100 of Walking Dead written by Robert Kirkman. As a reader of Walking Dead you knew that something bad was going to happen in this issue but you continued to read. Walking Dead readers are like NASCAR fans just waiting for the accidents. Evil happens in 100 and her name is Lucille. Kirkman sucks you in with his writing and build up and then he stomps on your heart over and over. This issue sends the series in a new direction with a new threat and a new philosophy on how to survive in the Walking Dead world.

This issue had 18-pages of build up and I mean tension. It’s what Kirkman does best. The book got to the point to where I just wanted to jump to the last page to get it over with, but I read on. Then when Kirkman smacks the reader in the face with the punchline he drags it out to bring you to tears. This book is well written but I wish I didn’t read it.

I do not know how Charlie Adlard sleeps at night. There are several splash pages in this book that will haunt me for a long time. I have the image of Rick’s wife and child’s death still burned into my memory. Walking Dead #100 has added a few more images to the horror category of my memory. The images and dialogue of the last four-pages of book left my soul shattered. Thank you Mr. Kirkman for ruining the first day of Comic-Con. Read Walking Dead #100 at your own risk!

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Review: Enormous #1

Issue: Enormous #1
Writer: Tim Daniel
Artist: Mehdi Cheggour
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: July 2012
Price: $9.99

“In the midst of a planetary battle for food and fuel, a vast ecological cataclysm spawns THE ENORMOUS, massive beasts unlike anything ever witnessed. Humankind struggles to stave off extinction and the only law is to hunt or be hunted. It’s an epic action adventure featuring the survival of the biggest!”

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
What is this ENORMOUS book in front of me? Seriously this thing is larger than a typical comic, which is fitting since it is called Enormous. If you are waiting for the next BIG thing to come from Image, you need to look no further than this title. The pages in this book are all so god damn GORE-Geous, that my eyes melted from their sockets. Cheggour brings so much life to every single panel, that I am honestly guessing it took him 3 years to complete this book. Page after page this book sings the visual music that my eyes crave. The monsters alone are enough to give this book a solid 5 on the artwork. The story done by Daniel is also something to behold. His pacing is fantastic, and he has a great feel for writing action scenes. While the book is only 64 pages, it is so full of story. You can easily take this book as a one and done, but you won’t want to. This universe has so much more exploration has to be done to it. I need to know where the cast will go from here, more exploration in to why things are they way they are and a whole HELL of a lot more monsters killing things. There was nothing to not be enjoyed in this issue. Page after page this will satisfy monster, horror and survival fans. Buy it, buy it, BUY IT!

Artwork: 5.0 out of 5 • Story: 4.5 out of 5

If you would like to buy or know more about Enormous you can find it at http://www.imagecomics.com

Review: Hoax Hunter’s #1 (4.5/5)

Issues: Hoax Hunter’s #1
Writers: Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley
Artist: Axel Medellin, Tim Seeley (c)
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: July 2011
Price: $2.99

“The acclaimed backup begins its own series! A rash of mass animal deaths leads the Hoax Hunters to the Louisiana bayou. What they find is a mystery that harkens to Jack’s past – and a dangerous cryptid bent on revenge!”

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
There are three things that one can do to easily win me over with a comic book. One of those things is to have the story take place in the Louisiana swamps, and guess what issue did that, Hoax Hunters #1. Spinning out of the back up stories in Hack/Slash, and then being collected into issue #0, we join the team as they embark to solve a mystery in the swamp. No this is not like Scooby Doo, it is better. I openly welcome artist Axel Medellin into the family because he nailed this issue. His panels were consistent and he created one of the most GORE-Geous swamp monsters I have ever seen. Moreci and Seeley are on top of their game with this issue. If you missed the #0 issue you don’t have to worry, because they cover some good back story here. They also move forward with great pacing and some killer mystery that is left to unfold. Hoax Hunters is simply put, a fun read that plays with monster mythos. Hell I could easily just call this the baby of Scooby Doo and Proof. A great first issue and there is still more to come, I mean come on, let’s get to the carnival already!

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5 • Story: 4.5 out of 5

If you would like to know more about Hoax Hunters please go to http://www.imagecomics.com/

Review: Harbinger #2 – Slow down a minute

Writer: Joshua Dysart
Pencils: Khari Evans & Lewis LaRosa
Publisher: Valiant Comics
Release Date: 7/11/2012

The hunt for Peter Stanchek intensifies after an epic battle with Pittsburgh S.W.A.T forces him to use his powers out in the open. Now he faces the most difficult decision of his life. Continue to put his friends in harm’s way…or abandon them for the safety of Toyo Harada’s Harbinger Foundation?

Story: 8/10 • Artwork: 8.5/10 • Overall 8.3/10
After an insane first issue I was pumped for issue two of Harbinger. What happens when you wait a month for a book that you’re hyped for? It never meets your expectations. The second issue took a long time to get where it was going without a lot of emotion. Peter Stancheck has to make a decision at the end of this issue and there doesn’t seem to be as much weight to his answer. If Joshua Dysart developed the characters for a couple more issues Peter’s decision could have had some serious weight to it. Also, battle lines were drawn in the first issue and they felt brushed aside in the second.

What seem like fluid layout design in the first issue was very awkward in the second. This was supposed to be Peter’s first big battle. He destroyed everything but no one page or panel had me nerd-out. All the action seemed to follow the dialogue instead of matching or leading. This delay made it hard to realize that Peter was causing the destruction. I know that Peter is using his mind and we can’t see inside his head but there has to be a better way to tell the story. Peter is losing control but the reader doesn’t understand why because the issue doesn’t visually show it and Peter doesn’t communicate it with his dialogue.

The plot-line and mystery progressed well in this issue but I wanted more. I know that Dysart has this grand world that he wants to show us but my only advice would be to slow down and develop characters so that when an emotional moment happens, it means something.

What is awesome about this issue is if you add a few editor tweaks to it, you have a great issue. Which means issue three will knock your socks off.

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Kung Fu Satanist #1 – review

Issue: Kung Fu Satanist #1
Writer: Simon Sanchez
Artist: Dean Juliette, Don Marquez, Sammy Gomez
Publisher: Trauma Comics
Release Date: 2012
Pages: 24
Price: $3.75

“Debut issue! Kung Fu Satanist is on the trail of a deadly serial killer named the “Headhunter.” Can you guess why he is called the “Headhunter?” Arthur Brown dabbled in black magic and lost his soul. To stop his descent into hell, he hunts down criminals and sacrifices their souls to his Dark Lord. “

Dying Breath: 4.0 out of 5
Crime doesn’t pay when you have the hands of demons and the feet of the devil! Trauma Comics is back to bring you Kung Fu Satanist #1, and it is a delightfully sinful treat. The artwork in this book is great. I really like Juliette’s style, because I think it fits the main concept so well. The colors at times were a little too dark, but it doesn’t take anything away from the book. I loved the scene with the head spinning around. The story itself was nicely done. Sanchez does a great job throwing the reader right into the action and then slowing things down to build what is to come. The book has a real grindhouse influence to it, and it shows on all levels. From the dialogue to the great fight/horror scenes, the team does a great job of capturing it all. This book is a fun read, something you can easily sit back and just enjoy without worrying about layers and layers of drama being poured down your throat. Check it out, I know I’m glad I did.

Artwork: 4.0 out of 5Story: 4.0 out of 5

If you would like to buy or know more about Kung Fu Satanist#1 you can find it at IndyPlanet.com

The Awakened #1 – Review

Issue: The Awakened #1
Writer: Ivan James
Artist: Tim Jensen
Release Date: 2012

“Gabe had a late night craving for some Taco Stix®. His usual order was a sack of Taco Stix® and a large Cola Pop® with lite ice. So he was quite surprised when the universe added a hip hop spell caster and a demon who wants to kill him as well. He should have realized beforehand that satisfying his hunger meant enlisting in an adventure of biblical proportions. He probably would have eaten somewhere else…”

Dying Breath: 4.0 out of 5
So what can really go wrong with ordering some Taco Stix®? Apparently a lot, and The Awakened is here to explore just that. Let’s start off simply with the colors, man do they POP off of every single page. I guess in the near future this creative team thinks we are going to be all neon, and well it makes this book so visually attractive. Jensen’s cast looks amazing from panel to panel. I really enjoy the look of the demons, as they come across as almost a half vampire half crazy albino. There are some scenes where things did get a little muddied up, but overall this book looks great. The story was an action packed horror/hero blast that was like a straight punch to the face. James’ writing never slowed down, and it left me on the edge of my seat throughout. I honestly was okay with how the issue ended, because it left me wanting more. So the actual writeup of what is taking place, or the back story, was just icing on the cake (it came at the end of the issue). On every level this book was a winner. It captured my attention and ran with it for a good 20 minutes. I can not wait to see what comes next, lets just hope that issue gets here soon.

Artwork: 4.0 out of 5 • Story: 4.0 out of 5

If you would like to buy or know more about The Awakened you can find it at http://ivan-james.com/theawakened/

White Devil #1 – Review

Issue: White Devil #1
Writers: Matt Evans, Andrew Helinski
Artist: Nate Burns
Release Date: 2012
Price: Free

“The story of an aimless town and loving family crossing paths with the worst of Hell.”

Dying Breath: 4.0 out of 5
See, now this is why you need to let the ladies in your life go out and have some fun every now and then. White Devil #1 explores that very statement and show how far some might go to get a little excitement in their lives. The artwork by Burns is amazing from panel to panel. He has a great feel for the cast, and the way his panels are laid out are just GORE-Geous. My only downside on the artwork though is the lettering. When using the hand written typeface, I had trouble reading it. It did take a little time to get used to, and it was the reason I had to lower the overall grade when it came to the artwork. The story by Evans and Helinski is going somewhere, and it’s going to be really good. This issue does a great job of introducing the reader to the cast, and then heads straight into the actions that will lead up to the next few issues. I thought that the pacing was great. I love the concept here and can not wait to see how this all unravels. In terms of horror, this issue really ended on a high note, and that is what you need to get me to come back for more. This issue was almost perfect, and that is a damn good sign of things to come. With some minor tweaks on the lettering side of things this book is going to floor you all. Definitely check this one out, especially while it is free to read online. More please!

Artwork: 4.0 out of 5 • Story: 4.5 out of 5

If you would like to buy or know more about White Devil you can find it at http://whitedevilcomic.blogspot.com/

Underneath #2 – Review

Issue: Underneath #2
Writer: Tom Stillwell
Artist: Jim Terry
Publisher: Spinner Rack Comics
Release Date: 2012
Pages: 28
Price: $2.99

“Terry goes all in for troll hunting as Joe & Co. search a monster-infested warehouse for a missing child from Lower Chicago. Meet Irv the troll stoolie! Plus we learn the secret history behind the Great Chicago Fire...”

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
WOOO, issue #2! Underneath is back and it has a fistful of awesome that it wants to introduce to your face! Following right where issue #1 left off, we are shown what caused the Great Chicago Fire. Damn you (I ain’t spoiling this people)! The artwork in this issue is fantastic. Terry has a great feel for this cast and he it with consistency on every panel throughout. He has a great vision for being able to make my eyes laugh, while still telling a great visual story. Stillwell knew what Terry was capable of, so even he brought his A game as well. The story is paced really well. What I expect with a #2 is to get more build on the gripping events of the first issue, and I got that here. Think of the story in this issue as the base of a building, it has to be solid to support what comes next, and there is only one way to go from here, UP! Jim and Tom are killing this book. I love what is happening so far. I love the universe that is being created, and hope it can be further developed as well. Underneath is a solid read and a steal at the price. Check this on out.

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5Story: 4.5 out of 5

If you would like to buy or know more about Underneath you can find it at http://spinnerrackcomics.com/

Review: Walking Dead #99 – a solid poker face

Issue: Walking Dead #99
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Pencils: Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 6/20/2012

‘SOMETHING TO FEAR’ CONTINUES! The unthinkable happens, as we all gear up for next month’s monumental issue 100!

Story: 8/10 • Artwork: 8/10 • Overall 8/10

This is an average issue for anyone who has read Walking Dead. Issue 99 is the set-up to Walking Dead #100, where all hell should break loose. So, with all the hype over issue 100, issue #99 comes off bland. It,s like the power went off half way through a really good movie. This story-arc will read better in trade paper back form.

The book is bland because there is no great cliff-hanger at the end of this issue, but that is the way Kirkman planned it out. Kirkman wants the hype to be insane surrounding issue 100 and you don’t get that if you show your hand to quickly. Kirkman wants Walking Dead fans to burn-down San Diego Comic-Con with excitement. Walking Dead #100 comes out on July 11th, 2012, the first day of Comic -Con.

Walking Dead #99 is the calm before the storm, we hope…

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6-page preview: Grim Leaper #2


Image Comics Monday afternoon released a six-page preview of Grim Leaper #2 written by Kurtis J. Wiebe with artwork by Aluisio Santos. The first issue of this gory romantic comedy sold-out. Issue two finds death’s door on June 20th, 2012.

From Image Comics:
Mature Readers
Lou Collins: Serial Leaper. Lou desperately tries to find Ella, the woman with an identical curse, before his next horrific death. But, there’s malevolence waiting in the darkness, something that wants to kill Lou before he even gets the chance. Something alive.

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6-page preview: Darkness #104


Image Comics Monday afternoon released a six-page preview of Top Cow’s Darkness #104 written by David Hine with artwork by John Rauch. This is part four of “The Crack in Everything” story arc. Darkness #104 will be in your local comic book store on June 20th, 2012.

From Top Cow:
‘THE CRACK IN EVERYTHING’, PART 4 We can tell you only two things about this issue: One, this issue will dive into depths of horror darker than any previous Darkness issue, and two, you won’t see the end coming.

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Image Comics: “Wild Children” promo posters

Image Comics Thursday afternoon released three posters promoting “Wild Children” written by Ales Kot with artwork by Rilley Rossmo. This one-shot will be in your local comic book store on July 11th, 2012. With “Wild Children” Image Comics continues to publish bold original content, this isn’t for your typical comic book reader.

Guns. Acid. Cameras. School.
The themes behind the controversial Hellblazer: “Shoot” by WARREN ELLIS and PHIL JIMENEZ merge with the attitude of the GRANT MORRISON and PHILIP BOND masterpiece of teenage revolt, Kill Your Boyfriend, delivering a story of magic, passion and disinformation.

3-page preview: New Avengers #28 – Prison Break!

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Marvel Comics Thursday afternoon released a three-page preview of New Avengers #28 written by Brian Michael Bendis with artwork by Michael Deodato. The Avengers vs. X-Men cross over will be in your local comic book store on July 11th, 2013. Are you enjoying Avengers vs. X-Men?

Marvel is proud to present your first look at New Avengers #28, an epic tie in to Avengers VS. X-Men from the blockbuster creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato! With the Phoenix Five pursuing and imprisoning Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, it’s up to the New Avengers to stage a prison break! But can Luke Cage, Hawkeye, and Spider-Woman escape from the heart of X-Men territory? It’s non-stop action in New Avengers #28, coming to comic shops everywhere, the Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Digital Comics Shop this July.

NEW AVENGERS #28 (MAY120651)
Pencils & Cover by MICHAEL DEODATO
FOC – 6/18/2012, On Sale – 7/11/2012

Dial H #1 A Guy Walks Into a Phone Booth…

Dial H

Story By: China Mieville

Art By: Mateus Santolouco

First off I know this book came out a few weeks back but due to the move to the new apt and a lot of other shit getting in the way I’m finally able to give you my take on this interesting new title from DC.

Dial H is part of DC’s second Wave of New 52 books and labeled as DC’s Dark line along Animal Man and Swamp Thing. That’s some pretty impressive company to keep since both Animal Man and Swamp Thing are two of the best books at DC. After the first issue I’m happy to say that Dial H belongs in that discussion as well.

This is a relaunch of a series I wasn’t fully aware of growing up but I instantly fell in love with the concept after reading. The book introduces us to our main character Nelson. Nelson is an overweight , chain-smoking depressed man. After getting into a fight with his friend over his negative habits Nelson chases after his friend to apologize. He ends up finding his friend getting beaten half to death in an alley and runs to the closest payphone to call for help. What ends up happening from there I don’t want to spoil for you . I will say that this is one of the most interesting and fresh concepts for a book I’ve read in a long time. Also Mateus Santolouco’s art is haunting and slightly off in a way that perfectly matches China Mieville’s writing. While a bit heavy in the inks, the art really shines due to the use of experimental layouts and characters that literally weave in and out of pages. It’s a fun book to look at and constantly throws new images and characters at you to enjoy.

One of several erie and fun pages of Artwork by Mateus Santolouco

The first issue moves along at a pretty good pace establishing the main characters and a nice bit of intrigue as to who the Villains in the book will be. I also love that there is so much potential with what it is Nelson may become every time he exits that phone booth. Already after one issue I’m most excited to see what China Mieville has up his sleeve for potential Superheroes and their powers in  issue two. Using Nelson as the narrator during the process of him changing into random characters is enjoyable and keeps things fresh the entire issue. Mieville even does a great job explaining what the title of the book means and how things work by the end of the issue which I appreciated.

I’m excited to say that DC has another hit on their hands as long as this book stays as exciting and fun as it is. The art is great and Mieville’s ability to jump right into a pretty heavy concept and make it accessible to everyone makes this a book that’s definitely being added to my pull list from now on. I recommend this to fans of not just DC’s other Dark books but fans of comic books as a medium.

Review score: 8.5/10

Mike DeVivo

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Night of 1,000 Wolves #1 – Review

Issue: Night of 1,000 Wolves #1
Writer: Bobby Curnow
Artist: Dave Wachter
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: May 2012
Price: $3.99

“In the Dark Ages, the tranquil life of Harrick Benjyon and his family is shattered by unthinkable tragedy. Before they can react, the family find themselves under seige by hordes of wolves with one aim. Death. A race for survival becomes all the more impossible by the arrival of the supernatural… and the dark secrets that lie at the heart of the Benjyon family. Another classic horror tale from the company that brought you 30 Days of Night and Locke & Key!”

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
I’ll make this review simple… BUY THIS BOOK! Night of 1,000 Wolves sprints right out of the gate and never slows down. The artwork by Wachter is so consistent on the characters, which leads to some gnarly looking wolves to the drop dead GORE-Geous monster wolf (still not sure if it is a werewolf yet) at the end. He nailed this book. Matter of fact I want a large poster of that final page, it was just so damn awesome. Like I mentioned, the story crafted by Curnow never skips a beat. His pacing is perfect for a first issue. He grabs you by the throat at the start, loosens up a little in the middle just to tease you, and then finishes you off at the end. The dialogue is perfect and the mystery is just beginning to unravel. From the start this is one horrific tale that you will grab you and not let go. I was not expecting this, but I am damn sure glad I got it. Can I have issue #2 now?

Artwork: 5.0 out of 5 • Story: 4.5 out of 5

If you would like to buy or know more about Night of 1,000 Wolves you can find it at http://www.idwpublishing.com

Irredeemable #37 (8.5/10) Waid goes out with a smile

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Issue: Irredeemble #37
Mark Waid
Pencils: Diego Barreto
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Release Date: May

THE FINAL ISSUE OF MARK WAID’S SEMINAL SUPERHERO SERIES! Can the Plutonian, seemingly IRREDEEMABLE, find his salvation? What is the true definition of a hero? And can a world, ravaged by loss and carnage, ever believe in such an idea again? The stunning, breathtaking conclusion to Mark Waid’s Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated superhero saga. DO NOT MISS THIS FINAL ISSUE OF A MASTER WRITER’S TOUR DE FORCE!

Story: 9.5/10 • Artwork: 7.5/10 • Overall 8.5/1o
How does one wrap-up an idea that is as big and bold as Irredeemable in one issue, hero to villain, you don’t try! What Mark Waid does is execute a plan that was in place since 2009. If you read Waid’s introduction from Irredeemable #1 he talks about “Kingdon Come” and “Empire” are just two-parts of a trilogy of superhero philosophy. Irredeemable #37 is about connecting all those ideas and coming full circle.

A finale issue should bring closure to a series and give you hope for the future. In a very obvious way Waid wraps up the book and gives the reader a smile with the last page. The first half of the issue is a very generic superhero story, WE HAVE TO SAVE THE WORLD! The second half is divide into parts, the wrap-up and the look to the future. The wrap-up is organic and not forced. Waid gives the reader a complete story and huge philosophical nut to chew on for the rest of the day.

As an eternal kid at heart that loves super heroes and what they stand for, the last two pages gave me the biggest smile in the world. The Irredeemable storyline is complete and I look forward to Waid’s next philosophical super hero tale.

Diego Barreto’s artwork is solid but nothing ground breaking. The splashed page worked really well to convey emotion and the magnitude of the situation. What didn’t work was the color of the book, it was too bright. If you compare the last issue to the first issue it is extremely bright. A darker tone would have worked better. What would have taking the book over the top is if the book progressively went from dark to light.

Zombie Chuck #2 – Review

Issue: Zombie Chuck #2
Writer: Brian Fyffe
Artist: Brian Fyffe
Release Date: 2012
Pages: 32
Price: $5.00

“Chuck and Lily’s second adventure, in 28 pages of color printed on aged newsprint paper!”

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
Zombie Chuck is back, and ready to party for Halloween! I was so excited to get my hands on the second issue of this series from Brian Fyffe, that he avoided me for 2 whole days at C2E2, just to drive up my want level. Building off of the first issue, we now get Chuck in color. This adds to the overall concept and feel of ZC in such a good way. Being a book that is directed at all ages, like Casper would be, it is important to utilize all of the tools at your disposal to try to attract an audience, so the addition of color is a step in the right direction. I really love Fyffe’s style on the entire cast, and while I thought that I the werewolves would be the coolest looking characters in this issues, I have to go hands down to the Big Blue Monster. He is awesome! The designs on the cast are classic in horror nature, but so fun in context to the story. The story itself is full of horror and comedy. I really get this old sci-fi movie vibe from it as well. Movies that were meant to be scary at the time, but when watched now have this fun monster feel to them. The story is great for everyone and anyone and added with the amazing artwork, it makes this book a clear-cut winner. I really hope that at some point we can get more than 1 issue a year, but it’s always great to know that when I go to C2E2 I can pick up the next one. Zombie Chuck is worth all 500 pennies.

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5 • Story: 4.5 out of 5

If you would like to buy or know more about Zombie Chuck you can find it at http://www.fyffo.com