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Marvel’s Phase One Boxset will let you own your very own Tesseract!!

Mike DeVivo here,

For those of you wondering to yourselves “Where the hell is the Super Awesome Special Edition of Avengers?” Here’s your answer. This could be the coolest Box Set I’ve ever seen. Though its going to set you back well over $150 now it looks to have everything you could ever want from the Marvel Cinematic world. You can pre-order the set on Amazon Here . You get IRON MAN 1 & 2 , INCREDIBLE HULK, THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE AVENGERS and an Extra Disc called SHIELD AVENGERS INITIATIVE. You also get Level Seven files, and SHIELD profiles on each AVENGER. The best part however is that it’s all packaged inside of Nick Fury’s Briefcase that contained the Tesseract! Also each disc will have original Cover artwork done by Matthew Ferguson. Check out the images below and geek out over the amazing Artwork!!

This is seriously the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. Bravo to Marvel and Disney for creating something else for fanatics to blow their money on. Now someone get this for me my birthday is September 18th …thanks.

Mike DeVivo

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Fraction takes on Hawkeye

Marvel Comics Tuesday afternoon released the Adi Granov variant to Hawkeye #1 written by Matt Fraction with art by David Aja. Hawkeye #1 hits your local comic book store on August 1st, 2012.

Adi Granov Covers HAWKEYE #1!

Marvel is proud to present your first look at superstar artist Adi Granov’s variant cover to Hawkeye #1, the start of an all-new ongoing series featuring the breakout star of the hit summer blockbuster! Join self-made hero Hawkeye in a high stakes adventure with the ex-Young Avenger Kate Bishop at his side! Will he be able to prove himself worthy to be called one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? The red-hot fan favorite team of writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja reunite to kick off this action packed epic in Hawkeye #1, coming to comic shops everywhere, on the Marvel Comics app, and the Marvel Digital Comics Shop this August.

HAWKEYE #1 (JUN120659)
Pencils & Cover by DAVID AJA
Variant Cover by ADI GRANOV
FOC – 7/9/2012, On Sale – 8/1/2012

We Want YOU To Join The Marvel ReEvolution! but not retailers

Marvel Comics announced their ReEvolution yesterday at SXSW and as a former retailer the comic book industry now enters very interesting waters.

Marvel announced a new online reader the Marvel AR, the first augmented reality app from a comic book publisher. They also announced the Marvel ReEvolution which is an expanded platform for traditional comic books. This will start with Avenger vs X-Men #1 on April 4th, 2012. Your comic book will come with a bar code for expanded content like extras on a Blu-ray.

“Now fans will have access to more behind-the-scenes material from their favorite Marvel products than ever before—and it’s all absolutely free,” said Peter Phillips (SVP/GM, Marvel Digital Media) in Marvel’s press release, but someone has to pay for the extra content.

The last announcement from Marvel was their Marvel Infinite Comics an all digital line of comics. With the first series Avengers VS X-Men #1 Infinite written by Mark Waid with art by Stuart Immonen to début on April 4th as well. This will be a very interesting test sample for Marvel Comics.

Is this the end of the monthly comic book?

Is this the first step in eliminating retailers?

What other books will go all digital?

Can Marvel make money with all digital content?

We Want YOU To Join The Marvel ReEvolution!
Top Comics Publisher Announces Historic Initiative To Reshape The Comic Industry

New York, NY—March 12, 2012—The Marvel ReEvolution is here—and comics will never be the same! The future of comic book publishing was unveiled yesterday to the raucous crowd at SXSW Interactive’ s ScreenBurn Arcade courtesy of industry superstars Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief, Marvel Comics), Peter Phillips (SVP/GM, Marvel Digital Media) and Jeph Loeb (Head of Marvel Television) during the historic Marvel: House of Ideas panel

An industry first, the Marvel ReEvolution seamlessly brings the worlds of print and digital media together for a comics experience like no other. The first two elements of this exciting new initiative were revealed as Marvel Infinite Comics, a new comic book format, and Marvel AR, the first major augmented reality app from a comics company. And fans will not have to wait long to get in on the action as they will both be released with the hotly-anticipated Avengers X-Men #1 on April 4th, when the two biggest Super Heroes teams in the world go to war!

“Marvel’s always led graphic fiction industry in digital media innovation and the Marvel ReEvolution is a quantum leap into the future of publishing,” said Dan Buckley. Publisher & President of the Print, Animation & Digital Divisions, Marvel Worldwide, Inc. “We see print and digital product as complementary, not competitive—so we’ve made sure that not only do we have new digital content but also digital products that enhance the printed page. The release of Avengers VS X-Men #1, the biggest story we’ve ever told, is the activation point for the re-evolution of comics as a whole.”

Marvel Infinite Comics represent a new form of comic book storytelling, using tablets and smartphones as a new canvas for storytelling, taking advantage of modern technology while staying true to medium’s greatest strengths. The first comic released in this format will be Avengers VS X-Men #1 Infinite, from acclaimed creators Mark Waid and Stuart Immonen and available on April 4th for purchase on the Marvel Comics app, free with the redemption of the code found in print copies of Avengers VS X-Men #1 or included with the purchase of the digital version.

“We call these Marvel Infinite Comics because the storytelling possibilities are, frankly, infinite. Writers and artists now have a whole host of new tools at their disposal to redefine the comic book medium,” said Alonso. “Current tablets and smartphones, along with comiXology’s Guided View technology, allow us to develop new, full length stories for a different medium that are very much truly comics—but experienced by readers in a way no other major company has ever executed.”

The Marvel AR app, powered by Aurasma, will be released in April for iOS and Android devices. By opening this app and scanning select Marvel products featuring the Marvel AR logo, you’ll unlock exclusive content starring the world’s most popular Super Heroes — including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk and many others! Go behind the scenes of your favorite comics, see new footage, hear from creators, catch yourself up on past events and more!

“Marvel AR is a perfect example of how digital innovation not only gives added value to print comics, but also brings a delivers an entirely new reading experience,” explained Phillips. “Now fans will have access to more behind-the-scenes material from their favorite Marvel products than ever before—and it’s all absolutely free.”

5-page preview: Secret Avengers #23 – Death? & Venom

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Secret Avengers #23 will be in your local comic book store this Wednesday but we have a five-page sneak peek for you. Secret Avengers #23 marks the starting point for writer Rick Remender and his side-kick in the art department Gabriel Hardman. It appears that Venom will join the team and someone will me there maker! This looks like an action pack issue. Are you excited?

Secret Avengers #23
• Who are The Descendants? • In this issue an Avenger will die to find out! • JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH TO FIND THE ONE THEY CALL ‘FATHER’!

First look: Avengers get the spread in Empire

Click on picture for larger version.

Let the PR campaign begin this Thursday for the Avengers. The newest issue of Empire magazine has a centerfold of the “Avenger” walking right at you. “Avengers” will be in your local theater on May 4th, 2012.

With director Joss Whedon, “Avengers” stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård and Samuel L. Jackson.

Avengers vs X-Men #1 7-page preview! (It’s Coming?! No, it’s finally Here!)

For months Marvel has set the internet on ablaze with up-coming “Avengers vs X-Men” interviews, covers and promo art. Finally, Marvel has unveiled a seven page preview of issue #1!


[nggallery id=37]
Will you side with the renegade mutants? Or join Earths Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers?

Get ready, Avengers vs X-Men hits your local comic shop this April!

Your First Look At AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1!

This April, prepare for the biggest super hero war in comics history as Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Avengers Vs. X-Men #1! From the powerhouse creative team of Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman, Ed Brubaker, John Romita Jr., Adam Kubert and Olivier Copiel comes a groundbreaking event pitting Earth’s Mightiest against the X-Men with the entire Marvel Universe at stake. Cyclops and his team believe the arrival of the Phoenix Force will save mutantkind, but Captain America is convinced it will destroy the world! But who is right? Don’t miss out on all the action in Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 in comic shops worldwide and on the Marvel Comics app this April!

Which team will reign supreme? Join the conversation on Twitter with #AvX!

For more on Avengers VS X-Men, please visit http://avx.marvel.com

FOC – 2/27/12, ON SALE – 4/3/12

Holy amazing Acuna artwork Iron Man! 3 page preview of Avengers #20

Marvel Comics released a 3 page preview of Avenger #20 written by Brian Michael Bendis with awesome art by Daniel Acuna.

Avengers #20 will be in your local comic book store on December 21, 2012.

Your First Look At AVENGERS #20

The latest and greatest roster of Avengers head down the rabbit hole to find out who is behind the all-new H.A.M.M.E.R. in your first look at Avengers #20! Just when the world thought it was safe, Norman Osborn has recruited a powerhouse team of new Dark Avengers and he’s out for revenge. Combined with the might of the former leaders of H.Y.D.R.A. and A.I.M., the Avengers will need serious firepower to tackle this threat. Luckily, that’s where their new recruits come in. Get in on the action, courtesy of the red-hot creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Daniel Acuña this December, in Avengers #20! -Marvel Comics

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More Mandarin oranges in Invincible Iron Man #511 – 3 page preview

Marvel Comics released a three page preview of Invincible Iron Man #511 written by Matt Fraction with art by Salvador Larroca.

Invincible Iron Man will be in your local comic book store on December 21, 2012.

The Mandarin Attacks In INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #511!

Tony Stark’s most fearsome foe, the Mandarin, makes his shocking return in your first look at Invincible Iron Man #511! The award winning team of Matt Fraction, Salvador Larroca & Frank D’Armata continue their ongoing opus of the Armored Avenger as they put him through the wringer. Just when you thought the Mandarin was a handful, wait until he teams up with Zeke Stane and a hot off the line, updated Detroit Steel! Does Tony have enough in him to put an end to their plans? Find out in Invincible Iron Man #511! -Marvel Comics

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