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Avengers Vs. X-Men #2 – Cyclops has lost his mind

Avengers Vs. X-Men #2
Writer:  Jason Aaron
Art:  John Romita Jr. [Pencils], Scott Hanna [Inks], Laura Martin [Colors]

[We’ve tried our best to be as spoiler-free as possible here, but nobody’s perfect.  Read at your own risk.]

Defying Captain America’s request to take Hope Summers into custody last issue, Cyclops fired the first shot in the X-Men’s war on the Avengers against the Star-Spangled Hero himself.

As the Avengers take Utopia’s beach, Emma Frost moves Hope inside–assuming the girl, with more questions than answers regarding the Phoenix and what its return means regarding her, will stay put.  In short order, the most epic battle in comics since the end of 2008’s Secret Invasion or 2006’s Civil War commences.

Jason Aaron sets up several of the fights to take place in the accompanying Avengers Vs. X-Men: Versus mini-series beginning next week, with several moments in this issue hinting at the outcomes of those fights.  He brings Quicksilver into the fray, revealing where the son of Magneto stands in the fight (HINT:  There isn’t going to be a reunion of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants anytime soon), and teases the entrance of Magneto’s daughter, the Scarlet Witch, with no hint of who she’ll side with.

The highlight of this issue is arguably Aaron’s insights into the match-ups, like calling Emma Frost’s organic diamond form punching Tony Stark’s multi-billion dollar armor the “most expensive punch in history,” playing up the marital dramatics in a fight between Storm and the Black Panther, or pointing out that Wolverine is fighting against an island of characters he once called family.

This initial battle is all for naught, but it does skirt on the idea that Cyclops might potentially become a villain.  Much of what he says in this issue sounds like things reformed X-Men über-villain Magneto would say, and he does have his own Juggernaut now in Colossus.  With 10 issues to go, the only things that are certain are that several characters are bound to switch sides, Civil War-style, (Hell, it’s even teased in the Cap vs. Wolverine cover for AVX #3) and that things will spiral further out of control.

At this point, my biggest hope (aside from wanting a Cyclops villain turn) is that we at least get a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 video game out of this in a year or two.

– Roger Riddell

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Mike DeVivo’s take forthcoming

Alright Roger Ive Assembled here!

So, two issues into Avengers Vs. X-Men and I can say I’m underwhelmed. What I thought was largely going to be a collaborative effort in bringing two different teams and their vantage points to light has thus far turned into “Cyclops is crazy and the Avengers aren’t.” I don’t buy the angle that Cyclops is losing his mind, or that he’s taking things too far. It paints every X-Man and woman as blind sheep fighting for the cause of a crazy man. Maybe I’m rooting for the little guys, in which case i feel the X-Men are warranted to protect one of their own. The characterization feels off, especially with Cyclops and Wolverine. Again, maybe it’s because I’m in Cyclops’ camp here, but I can’t help but feel like this story feels off.

I do love John Romita Jr.’s work in this series so far. His facial work with females has improved very much. His pencils give all of the energy and intensity you’d expect between a battle of the two most recognizable factions in Marvel.  Aaron’s script does provide great narration as Avengers and X-Men beat the hell out of each other. Also, kudos for him creating the Magnetic Fastball Special. Those moments are what I’ve enjoyed about this series so far. He also gave Emma the best line in this issue reflecting the tone I think most X-Men have towards their Avenger counterparts. After Iron Man refers to Hope as “the girl,” Emma responds by telling him that the girl’s name is Hope and that they never requested help in the first place.

We get quick glimpses of Quicksilver and Wanda ,with Quicksilver rushing to join his Avengers team and Wanda walking away from her journal not joining the fight just yet. The journal by the way is called “Wanda’s Dream Journal” (slap forehead with hand) there are more than a few of these moments in this issue that make you cringe. As I said in my opinion this book hasn’t delivered the goods just yet with the story. It’s a pain to see characters like Quicksilver, who was actually  insane (anyone remember House of M?), fighting along side Avenger’s while Cyclops is characterized as a mad man losing touch with his reality.

I’m hoping next issue improves a bit and makes the reason for this fight a bit less one-sided. With the cover to issue #3 showing Cap fighting Wolverine, it will be interesting to see why he defends the X-Men after dropping down and beating up the same students he defended during Schism.  As I said, as a fight book this is fun. As an event that is supposed to change Marvel’s landscape for the next year…not so much.

– Mike DeVivo

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Review: Generatioin Hope #14 The Lights Ignite!

Generation Hope 14 Cover Arist: Ibraim Roberson

Generation Hope #14
Writer: James Asmus
Artist: Ibraim Roberson

Last issue ” Regenesis” kicked started ( a story wide change within the X-Men’s numerous titles) and I admittedly believed that Generation Hope would continue down a lack-luster path. Previous issues have had high points, dealing mainly with the series leader, Hope Summers. But coming along into Regenesis brings new writer, James Asmus and artist, Ibraim Roberson, who have a new vision for our team of struggling youngsters. 

Generation Hope’s last issue set the stage for a possible new “light” appearing in Pakistan. Last issue, the crew also lost a member, Idie who joins Wolverine at the Jean Grey Institute but we get a fan favorite addition to the cast, Pixie. Pixie has already proved herself to be a valuable member as she acts as the groups resident teleporter. Hope brought her to the team so they can effectively travel across the globe at any notice of a new mutant/light appearing. If you haven’t read past issues, new mutants developing their powers are having an incredibly difficult time grasping them and are often a danger to themselves and others. For an unknown reason, it takes nothing but a gently graze on the hand by our little messiah, Hope Summers to assimilate the lights powers to a functioning state. With that being said, the team heads out to Pakistan to confront this new mutant, only to find the light isn’t some kid in need, it’s none other than Sebastian Shaw himself.

This is an obvious story thread placed by previous writer, Kieron Gillen, as he set the stage for Sebastian Shaw near the end of Uncanny X-men vol. 1. This discovery certainly adds much-needed tension within this teams dynamic, its new writer, James Asmus, that really makes this issue shine.

My main problem with this book before Regenesis was the slow development of the new mutants consisting of Hopes team. With the past two issues, I’ve witnessed more character development than i’ve seen in 12 issues before it. Kenji makes an impressive show of his physically limitless powers, Gabriel finds that his speed power is also accelerating his age, while Laurie toughens up a bit realizing the delicate state of the mutant race and that sometimes, violence is necessary to survival. Hope, now more than ever, has all the qualities that made Cable a great leader, from father to daughter.

Artist Ibraim Roberson has certainly upped the quality of this series. I first took notice of Ibraim’s work within “Escape from the Negative Zone” and I wasn’t really impressed. He had impressively detailed character designs, but his detail to backgrounds made each panel plain and monotonous. A few months back he did a fantastic one-shot tale within Uncanny X-Men, featuring none other than Hope Summers and Wolverine. Ibraim fired on all cylinders for the one-shot and has brought his “A” game with him in these past couple issues. One fault I have that deals with the art, is  a scene during a firefight, the team is trying to locate Pixie, whose been captured by the enemy. The whole time they’re talking about where she could be, though she was drawn in the background the whole time! Gabriel, the resident speedster, runs off the panel and brings Pixie back in his arms saying that he found her at a hidden location being guarded by her captors… no, she was with you guys the whole time trying to get your attention as you looked through her as if she were invisible.

Generation Hope may not have been at the top of my pull list, but with Regenesis comes new life to the series. We can only hope (pun intended) to see the series escalate to greatness before the coming war between the Avengers and X-men. Also, this issue has one of my all time favorite cliffhangers featuring my favorite, Scott Summers. Don’t miss it.

Story: 8
Art: 8.5

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