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Review: Clint 2.1 (8.5/10) Now with even more Mark Millar

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Issue: Clint 2.1
Mark Waid and various others
Pencils: various
Publisher: Millar World
Release Date:
May 2012

CLiNT #2.1 highlights include:

Comic Strips:
– Supercrooks Chapter 1 by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu
– The Secret Service Chapter 1 by Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons and Matthew Vaughn
– Death Sentence Chapter 1 by MontyNero and Mike Dowling
– Rex Royd: Invasion Chapter 1 by Frankie Boyle and Mike Dowling

– Maximum Millarworld movie round-up!
– Frankie Boyle and Mike Dowling introduce Rex Royd!
– 20 years of Lenore! Roman Dirge digs up the little dead girl!
– Who is Clint? An Investigation!
– Vern’s Badass Cinema 101!

Overall magazine rating 8.5 out 10

What worked for this magazine is all the comic strips. Mark Millar works with very talented creators and it shows in this issue. What separates Clint from any other magazine is that reading the issue is like sitting at the pub drinking a pint with Millar and friends. You can tell that they are trying to engage the reader and then encourage them to interact after reading, online with Facebook and Twitter.

What also works is the price of the magazine, it’s cheaper than some Marvel books. Four comics plus commentary for $6.99 is good bargain these days in a comic book shop. Also there are no advertisements in the book, you get pure Mark Millar and company and plenty of it.

What doesn’t work is the format. This could be a U.S. thing but reading comics in magazine form just doesn’t work. Also, what separates comics from magazines is that there is a chance that the book could be worth something in the future. This is happening a lot more, currently with Image books. If Clint was like Dark Horse Presents I think it would sell better and would not seem foreign. Plus, collectors would buy the issue looking for the next great character or story.

Clint #2.1 is a great change of pace read loaded with talent and great artwork!

Clint’s PR rep Ricky Claydon wanted me to add this piece about the book and subscription deal.
Special Offer: Subscribe to CLiNT and Save 20%, plus get a FREE signed Dave Gibbons ‘The Secret Service’ Art Card! Act now, only 200 available! To find out more visit –

How to not spoil this book, but write a good headline: Fantastic Four #600

Today, Wednesday, November 23rd Fantastic Four #600 is available in your local comic book store.

This a is a big deal because this marks the return of a certain character. Fans, retailers, critics and creators are closely watching this release to see what the response is on the book. The Comic Vault has check the web to see what people are saying.

“Fantastic Four #600, you’re kind of giving me an aneurysm. Holy hell!” Sarah Yeazel said on Facebook.

“Fantastic Four #600! EPIC!” said Rich Ginter on twitter.

“Fantastic Four #600. Now that is a meaty book. Hickman’s one of the rare few that can make a 7 dollar comic book feel like a bargin,” @GatheringComic said on twitter.

“I am really, really pleased with how FANTASTIC FOUR #600 came together. It’s a massiv e @JHickman tome!” said Tom Brevort via twitter, the editor of Fantastic Four #600.

What did you think of the book? Is it worth $7.99?

Marvel Comics released this press release.

Marvel’s First Family Reignites in FANTASTIC FOUR #600
The Human Torch Makes His Stunning Return In Oversized 50th Anniversary Issue

New York, NY – November 23, 2011 – “FLAME ON” once more! Fantastic Four #600, available today in comic stores and on the Marvel Comics app, brings the Human Torch back to the Marvel Universe. But, after his dramatic death, how did this founding member of the FF return? And, when one of their deadliest enemies mounts his greatest assault, will this family reunion be short-lived? The answers arrive in this giant-sized issue—with 100 pages of all-new stories—from writer Jonathan Hickman and some of the most acclaimed artists in comics today, including Steve Epting, Leinil Yu and more! This issue also features covers from the some of the biggest names in comics, including John Romita Jr, Gabriele Dell’Otto, Arthur Adams and Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada!

“As befits the 50th anniversary of the team, this is the biggest Fantastic Four story we’ve ever told, from the scope of the story to the sheer amount of new—and important—stories in this issue.” said Tom Brevoort, Marvel SVP/Executive Editor. “Jonathan Hickman, along with our unrivaled art team, have pulled out all the stops for a story that epitomizes why the Fantastic Four are some of the most important characters in pop culture history. Fantastic Four #600 is going to blow you away!”

Then, next week, the story continues in FF #12, from Hickman and artist Juan Bobillo, as the story you’ve demanded is finally told—learn just how Doctor Doom and the youngest members of the Future Foundation will save us all!

Fantastic Four #1 debuted in 1961, kicking off the “Marvel Age” of comics and dramatically increasing the popularity of super heroes. As the progenitor of Marvel Universe, the Fantastic Four set a new tone for super hero comics with its nuanced characterization, reflection of real world fears and progressive depiction of super heroes. Through the years, the Fantastic Four have been involved in many of comics most important & memorable storylines, from the introduction of Galactus to the chart-topping Civil War and the recent death of the Human Torch, which garnered mainstream media attention worldwide. Earlier this year the group was reinvented as the Future Foundation in the new FF series and has been one of Marvel’s top-selling, most acclaimed launches of the year.

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