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Batman Dark Knight #9 One tie in to Avoid

Batman Dark Knight #9

Story By: Judd Winnick

Art By: David Finch

This was the first issue of the Dark Knight I decided to pick up. There were two reasons for this . First David Finch wasn’t writing this issue, those duties were given to Judd Winnick. Also Red Robin was on the cover and I was interested to see what Winnick could do with Tim Drake as a character. Sadly neither one of these two things came to reality.

The issue focuses on another Talon by the name of Alton. This is the same Talon who was assigned to murder Lincoln March. Batman stopped the Talon with March’s help. It’ and odd choice to focus on a Talon who had little impact on the overall story in the first place.

David Finch’s art this issue is more of what you would expect from him as an artist. Fights scenes look great and are drawn with great precision and detail. However I’ve never liked the way he draws facial features and this issue doesn’t do much to change my opinion. I feel like he gives his characters only one expression and find it very hard to discern what age anybody is on the page because they all look like their in the 30’s, even Tim Drake and Damian Wayne look like their in their dirty thirties.

Throughout this issue I was waiting to see if there was going to be a tie in with this character to the Drake family and Red Robin, hell I was waiting to see Red Robin appear in the book . After all Red Robin is on the cover right? Well we finally get to see Red Robin in the book ….for ONE PAGE! He doesn’t say anything he just meets up with Batman , Robin and Nightwing and is directed by Batman to find the Talon who got away. This is one of the biggest issues I have with comics lately. If you have Red Robin on the cover of your book and show him for one page the entire issue you’ve let your core fan base down with false advertising. In the end I took a chance on this book this once and I wont be returning. Stay away from this book and this series.

Review Score: 4/10

Mike DeVivo

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New 52 Review: Teen Titans #1

I was super bummed when I heard about one of the casualties of the New 52 reboot, Tim Drake’s solo adventures as the Red Robin. Red Robin was a definitely underrated book, and had a great plot as Tim fell further and further down the Batman path. (Lonely, dark, brooding, suspicious of everyone.)

With the reboot, they de-aged Tim to maybe about 15-16 or so, and redid his costume as Red Robin to look just like Marvel’s the Falcon.

The book sets up the premise, that teen superheroes seem to be a menace, with a Kid Flash (who claims no relation or connection to Barry Allen) causing a backdraft and a major explosion, setting off the media. It flashes over to Tim Drake, who asks someone (Batman?) “Seriously what were you thinking?” as a clandestine organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.E. tries to recruit him to their operation. Drake of course refuses, and sets off an action sequence to escape which leads into him going off to recruit Wonder Girl to fight this mysterious organization. The issue ends with a reveal of a Clone *cough*Superboy*cough* that is being activated by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

The plot is serviceable , however, it all feels a little like a retread of the beginning of Civil War. Substitute Speedball for Kid Flash, and voila, we are in Connecticut. ┬áThe art is average, and doesn’t feel special or notable. The plot needs some work, and hopefully as the issues go on we can get some more answers, and move beyond the Teen Superheroes are a Menace motif that the book seems to be running with so far. After three other reboots you think DC would finally get it right, it’s shortcomings are really noticeable especially when you compare it to Christos Gage run on Avengers Academy.

Story: 4/10

Art: 4/10